Ultimate DIY Fort Kit

  • $40.00

Good for: Cognitive skills, Fine motor skills, problem-solving, social skills, independence, STEM activity, creative skills, and physical development.

Forts aren't just the cornerstone of adventure time - they're the ultimate educational tool! Building a hangout, castle, space ship, igloo, or whatever their imagination dictates will stimulate children's creative thinking like nothing else. Creating their own environments with others will require patience, and teach them the importance of cooperation and how to negotiate, in addition to learning about STEM subjects by recruiting maths and engineering skills while constructing their grand designs. Building from scratch is great for their physical development too, especially for the more ambitious concepts! Forts also offer a place of solace for children seeking some alone time, and this can significantly benefit children with learning disabilities. Having their own space can also help children in large families who need a break, or somewhere quiet to work on homework, write in their diary, or want to pursue a solo construction project!