Toddler Knife

  • $37.00

Good For: Gross motor skills, Fine motor skills, Concentration, independence, introduction to life skills

Cooking with a child is a wonderful and pleasant activity, because we share useful knowledge, have fun with our loved ones and get mouthwatering dishes! This toddler knife is a Montessori-inspired wooden knife that fits children's tiny hands and makes them easier to hold while using them.

With these knives, cook together safely and pleasantly, because they are made of high-quality wood and have a convenient shape. And the food cooked with a child and good emotions will only taste better! 

Toy Around tip: Make learning a new skill a positive experience. If your child is using the knife in a disrespectful way, banging, waving, or putting the knife in her mouth, calmly remind your child that knives are just for cutting food