Rolling Pin - Personalisable

  • $40.00

Good For: Gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, confidence building

Maria Montessori reminded us the importance of the child’s physical development and the close connection of the development of the hand and the brain; both must work in-conjunction.

The use of a rollingpin supports movement uniquely, by incorporating bilateral integration - the use of both hands/arms/legs - and proprioception (weight bearing) and activates the vestibular system, which basically connects the brain to the motion.

And dd you know, using a rolling pin early on can also help a child with handwriting skills. It sounds rather silly, but a rolling pin comes with many benefits! So why not personalise it and help your toddler feel independent and start building his or her confidence in the kitchen.

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Toy Around tip: For a child with sensory processing disorder, activities such as this holds an even more important benefit as it aids in self-regulation.