Palm Grasp Chalk

  • $22.00

Good for: Gross and Fine motor skills, imagination, and numerical and writing skills. 

The ergonomic design of these egg-shaped chalk makes them easy for toddlers to comfortably hold and scribble with. They hone their fine and motor skills by learning to hold a pen or pencil. These Palm Grasp chalks are designed to make creativity accessible at all stages so that kids can progress at their own natural pace.

Drawing with chalk also encourages kids to explore the outdoors as chalk is a classic play tool for getting the most out of your environment. Ideal for urban areas and summertime, drawing outside is a wholesome activity. It's also great for playing hopscotch, learning numbers, transforming grey sidewalks into rainbows, and developing social skills with neighborhood kids. This assortment of colorful eggs are non-toxic and the creations can be easily washed away (should you receive permission to do so!).