Gift In A Tin

  • $35.00

Good For: promotes problem solving skills, creativity and self expression

Start them as early as 2 years old and get them involved in creating their own toy Gifts in a tin are an extremely popular DIY toy that helps kids start understanding how things come together, getting them to start developing their cognitive skills in creative way.

A self-made toy also build self esteem in a child knowing that they have accomplished a task by themselves. And most importantly, it promotesopen eneded play - the best form of play as it encourages imagination. A toy like this is truly an all rounder.

An exclusive to Singapore, Gifts in a Tin, come in various options ranging for kids from 2-6 years old. All beautifully made in the UK sold exclusively through Toy Around in Singapore.

Have a play with any of the various options on display here today and witness the joy for yourself!

Toy Around tip: Watch them create their little mastepieces with a friend and see a friendship building!