Croquet Table Set

Good for: Colour recognition, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and a little competivity

Fancy a spot of language learning, color recognition and language development? Disguised as a fun game of croquet, this compact brain development game is ideal for traveling and popping in the school bag. Kid's learn to focus and concentrate on their target as they become familiar with colors, animal vocabulary and numbers, whilst refining their fine motor skills as they become ace shots! Learning to be innocently competive can start nurturing a positive definition of competitiveness 

Small in size to allow the little ones to grasp the concept of hand eye coordination. The small scale of the product makes it accessible for tiny hands. 

Environmentally friendly water-based paint: The paint surface is made of non-benzene, non-toxic and odor-free paint. The main body of the product is made of natural solid wood. Smooth surface with no pointy edges to ensure safety for kids.