Balance Bike

  • $190.00

Good for: learning balance, control, spatial awareness, and confidence building

If you’re a parent to a toddler, you’ve probably seen or heard about balance bikes. These small and pedal-free bikes are taking over from training wheels as the popular choice for first-time riders. A balance bike will get your kid accustomed to teh idea of balancing his own weight. The coordination and control he will learn from the balancng bike will make it easier to learnt o ride a bike, ultimately. 

So what's so great about these new bikes? The key feature that makes balance bikes so attractive is that they offer toddlers more control. Because their feet are still on the ground, they’re introduced to the world of cycling with the benefit of stability! Balance bikes are designed to make little ones feel safe and secure while easing them into riding.  It also helps her master one skill at a time. Learning to pedal, balance and steer, all at the same time, can be quite the task for a toddler! Much like a tricycle, balance bikes offer a lot of developmental benefits. It helps them practice motor planning (learning how to turn corners), understand spatial awareness (learning how to avoid obstacles), and it activates the vestibular system (learning how to balance and move). Plus, it builds leg strength which can help with other milestones like climbing stairs and walking backwards. Most importantly, it's a confidemce builder! 

This bike is made from alloy, 2.2kg in weight, frame weight 500grams. Suitable for kids closer to 3 years old.