Beautifully Crafted 3D Puzzles

  • $14.00

Good for: Hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, cognitive development, color recognition, patience, and concentration skills.

Improve your child's concentration skills, problem-solving, and a range of other skills with puzzles made of scenes from classic children's stories, and animals and objects with unusual colors not usually associated with such familiar images. This presents an extra challenge as your child learns to focus on shape recognition and spatial awareness to complete these beautifully crafted wooden puzzles. Solving these problems is wonderful for building self-esteem, and once they've put all the pieces together there's ample room for language development as they're intrigued by the image they've just assembled. It's a great chance to engage in conversation, teaching them about the colors, the subject of the puzzle, and keep them talking and improving their language development.