Our Story

The origin story of ‘Toy Around’ is a very personal one. We are parents ourselves and soon realized that finding a toy that is fun to play with and knowing with certainty that it also helps our children develop was a Herculean task.

Inspired by this idea, we have worked hard to bring you a curated selection of must-have toys. So now, no more indecision, no more clutter, no more overwhelm.

We also believe we shouldn’t give up on toys too quickly once they’ve been used and derived their full benefit, we believe they should be enjoyed by others when we’re done with them.

Why Developmental Milestones?

We take the guess-work out of toy buying. Our toys are sourced with the help of psychologists, discerning parents and kids themselves, helping your kids stay in ‘the zone’ where they can experience joy and contentment, so they can grow into their best selves.

When kids are not playing with age-appropriate toys their little minds tend to wander and they don’t derive the full benefit of experiencing joy through play! Joy is defined as the marriage between skill building and having fun while doing so. As compared to happiness, which is short lived.

So at Toy Around, we are on a quest to inspire a new generation of innovative, compassionate, and confident children through the ‘Toy Around Effect.' 


The ‘Toy Around Effect’ is designed around Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of ‘flow;’ the idea of increasing one’s well-being, creativity, and productivity by being completely absorbed in a challenging but doable task. Which is only possible if a child is playing with toys that match their skills while improving others. 

Rest assured, that children may develop at different rates. If your child does not do all the things per the timeline, it may be because your child is working on a different area of their learning and development.

Spreading joy, toy by toy

Our panel of researchers and innovators include psychologists, Dr Sushama Swarup, Child Psychologist and proponent of Flow Experience and Prof Preeti Verma, (Retired) Professor & Head of the Department of Special Education, SNDT Women’s University.