The Toy Around App

Introducing the Toy Around App, an app that allows parents to buy and sell preloved toys. We encourage the swap, sale, or buy of preloved toys so we can be one step closer to a better cleaner environment for generations of children to come. 

‘Toy overwhelm’ is a problem for kids, parents, and the planet.

Too many toys at home can create domestic disorder and even confuse and adversely affect the developing psyche of children. In the long run, all those cluttersome toys end up in the trash.

With almost half of the $80 billion industry ends up in landfill. With a quarter of toys being disposed of after only 6-8 months of use. We believe we can do better!

Download the app today on iOS Appstore and Android Playstore and join us on our quest to share the joy! Spreading joy, toy by toy!