Nesting, Sorting, Stacking Cups

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Good for: Numerical skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, trial and error, fine motor skills, color and shape recognition, and hand-eye coordination.

Cups are a simple but popular toy for exploring early concepts like cause and effect and early maths and are great for stacking, counting and nesting. Ideal for bathtime and the beach, children can use these to build and transfer contents, all the while learning the foundations of geometry and volume and honing their hand-eye coordination. The cognitive development potential is significant as children encounter and solve new problems, which also boosts their ability to concentrate on a given task. Nesting is one of the most effective techniques for grasping the concept of size as children learn which cup fits which, and from this starting point, they can graduate to stacking by size, color, and so on - throw in a ball once they get older and you might even witness a magic trick or two!