Mini Dollhouse

  • $89.00

Good for: Fine motor skills, social skills, and vocabulary development.

Doll Houses have enduring appeal as well as a host of social, intellectual, and emotional benefits. Narrating as they play is a chance for children to apply all the language they absorb daily and refine their vocabulary skills. Role-playing activities like these are also shown to enhance self-confidence and establish a sense of individuality. Engaging children in imaginative play where they're the head of the house can instil a sense of discipline which will positively impact their character as they grow, and promote the value of teamwork and empathy. Doll Houses are especially effective at providing a place of solace, as a consequence-free safe space where they can use play to act out their thoughts and address the day's events. 

This exquisitely handmade mini doll house comes with the following: Cot with textiles, A table with chairs, Stylish mirror, Soft mat, Flowerpot with flowers on the window and the detail of a hare on the door.  DOLLS NOT INCLUDED. 

Made of natural plywood on a scale of 1:12. Suitable for dolls and toys up to 11 cm (4") tall. Handmade with care of nature!

They say, that while the kids are asleep, their moms come out to play with these delightful little mini houses.