Baby Contrast Book

  • $28.00

Good for: Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, focus, spatial awareness, logical thinking, and shape and color recognition.

Visual contrast books are visual stimuating, helping kids notice outlines and shapes, colours as well as details on faces. This soft cotton book leaves your baby free to interact with whilst testing out their early-stage movement abilities, free from harm. Bursting with mesmerizing patterns and bold colors, this highly engaging material will help your baby's cognitive development as they start to identify shapes and colors and develop language skills as you describe the imagery.  These quiet books offer a tactile reading experience where children can tug at different textures, shake the bell and learn about their own reflection in the mirror, whilst developing maths skills. With so much sensory stimuli your little one will be honing their fine motor skills and attention spans as they'll be so engrossed in the story and anticipating what the next activity will be!