Wheat Straw Stacking Cups

  • $20.00


Good for: hand eye coordination, pincer grip, problem solving


Here at Toy Around we love block stacking, because it shows off so many of your baby’s brand new skills! As well, your kids will love playing with their blocks day after day from early childhood well into their toddler years. Here is what they will be developing: hand eye coordination, pincer grip, Interacting with and stacking building blocks or nesting cups is a sign that your child has developed good hand eye coordination. When your child starts to stack blocks, you’ll see them assessing “problems” (“How do you build something out of these blocks?”) and experimenting with solutions. They’re practicing problem solving skills and contributing to their cognitive development by stretching their brain. As they grow older, from infants to toddlers, there are many uses stacking cups can have. 


And the best part...they're made of wheat straw! Good for the kids and good for the environment!