9 - 12 months

As they get closer to toddlerhood, babies are energetic, uber-curious and eager to explore the world around them as they learn to crawl, cruise and eventually walk. Your baby is now moving around, nonstop. Her fine motor skills are also improving quickly. She can pick up an object with their thumb and fingers, rather than grabbing with the palm of her hand. At this age babies poke and point with their finger, bang things together and transfers objects from one hand to another.

They’re ‘talking’ and making recognisable sounds. Your baby loves you talking to them and looking at picture books together, pointing to objects they know. They’re putting sounds together by babbling, trying to copy or say first words, and saying ‘no’ with a shake of the head.

Your baby may be clingy and wary of strangers, but they’re forming special relationships with you and other family members. Their personality is becoming clear to you.

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