AlphaNumerical Foam Shapes

  • $18.00


Good For: Sensorial experience, colour and shape recognition, foundations for reading.


Little ones love to learn and bathe - so why not extend teaching to the tub for double the fun? Foam has the ability to arouse curiosity in children because of it's unique texture. When used with water it sticks by itself against any surface or float in the tub! By starting with numbers and letters early they start becoming familiar with the shapes setting them up for reading later on. This set of 36 floating letters and numbers comes in six fun colors, clings to bathroom walls when wet, and provides endless opportunity for bathtime learning. You can help your child identify the alphabet, learn to count, spell simple words or group by color. An added bonus? The foam is soft, durable and non-toxic. So splish-splash, when they're taking a bath throw in a little education, too.