Baby Play mat

  • $70.00

Good for: Gross motor skills, coordination, and shape and colour recognition. 

Fuel your child's visual, motor, and sensory development with a puzzle that doubles as a soft play area that can withstand falls, spills, and whatever today's adventures might entail! Create a walled environment to accommodate all bodily movements to promote gross motor skills, offering a cushioned environment to work on posturing. Having multiple walls with various fun cartoons to amuse your little one is great for the "tummy time" period, and mixing up the patterns can help growing babies with colour and shape recognition. Being able to constantly adapt the space with new entries and closed spaces will feed their curiosity, increase spatial awareness, all from the comfort of their very own kingdom.


25 pieces (9 pieces of mat,12 pieces of fence,4 pieces of corners)


30cm x 30cm x 1cm