3-6 months

Congratulations are in order. You’ve survived the fourth trimester! Not only is your baby sleeping for longer stretches during the night (hopefully), you’re likely being rewarded with big smiles. Babies are not just listeners - they are talkers, too. As early as 3 – 4 months, babies will stay quiet while someone else is talking. They wait for silence, then babble, then wait for your response. By about 6 months, babies begin to repeat certain sounds, developing their speech.  

3 months onwards is the time to look for toys that encourage increased interaction between you and your baby. At this age, open-ended toys can start building creativity, without knowing. Your baby is increasingly aware of the world around him, so look for toys that naturally prompt back-and-forth interaction between you and your little one. Babies are starting to learn their place in the world, and toys that teach cause and effect (I do this, this happens) help them grasp that concept.