2-3 years

Whoa! There’s so much going on in toddler development at 2-3 years.

At this age, expect big feelings, tantrums, simple sentences, pretend play, independence, new thinking skills. They will make you laugh with the way their brains start to make connections! Their personalities will really start to shine through. 

Everything toddlers have learned so far have developed their thinking. Your toddler is starting to understand concepts like time and opposites – for example, big/small and day/night. Your toddler will also start to point to body parts based on what they do, sort objects, and match shapes and colours. And your toddler is starting to remember what some things look like – for example, apples look red and round.

He will will enjoy playing with others, playing dress-ups, having tea parties, painting with their fingers or a brush, and playing rough and tumble. The ability to imagine will start kicking in. When your toddler plays with you or other children, you might find that your child is getting better at taking turns.

Telling stories, singing and reading are also fun things for your child to do at this age.

The fun is just beginning!