See-Through Rainbow Blocks

  • $85.00

Good for: early start on STEM, cognitive skills, exercises creativity and imagination

Kids can start learning concepts of geometry and trigonometry from an eary age! Little geniuses that they are!

A 24-piece set with coloured inset acrylic windows and simple shapes, making it more stimulating to capture little tots' attention. Designed for small hands, playtime is going to be brighter and more colourful with rainbow hues.

Building blocks helps to improve motor skills and encourages creativity, helps a child’s cognitive development which involves thought processes, including remembering, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Little ones can construct animals, towers, castles, towns and add on to other block sets or magnetic tiles for small world play. For more colour fun, build the blocks near the sunlight at the windows or if you have a lightbox, turn it on! You can also teach the little ones simple fraction or symmetry fun with a mirror.

24 pieces in a box: 6 variant shapes, 2 of each shape