Mushroom Rainbow Sorter

  • $45.00

Good For: Fine motor skills, hand eye coordination

Playing games and reading books that teach colours (we’re fans of The Very Hungry Caterpillar) is a great opportunity for colour learning activities. These activities will help your toddler understand the true concept of colour. After all, there are thousands of shades of reds, and countless blues, and how is your little one supposed to get a handle on that?

Learning colours is the first step, starting to match them is the next stage in cognitive development. This allows toddlers to start thinking and applying their grey cells. These mushroom caps and holes are painted in all the colours of the rainbow. The added benefit of hooks will allow your bub to develop hand eye coordination too by fishing for the mushrooms.

The Rainbow Mushrooms, handmade of linden wood, can also be personalised for your bub or making it an extra special gift.

Toy Around tip: Teach colors in a way that is easier for kids to understand. For example, say “the car is blue,” not “the blue car.”