Xylophone & Hammer

  • $35.00

Good for: Gross motor skills, sensory development, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, language development, and writing and listening skills. 
Musical instruments are proven to accelerate brain development, and the xylophone is a favorite for introducing children and adults alike to different tones and pitches. Engaging in the arts through music and other outlets enhance children's creativity and promote a positive social outlook. The xylophone is easy to use and therefore satisfying, meaning your child will enjoy plenty of gross motor skill practice as they make music, and its intuitive function makes it ideal for replicating melodies. It even comes with a hammer tap feature, which teaches little ones about cause and effect as they smack the ball and hear it connect with notes while they shout out the color. Babies and toddlers who are exposed to and engage with music have been found to perform better in terms of speech, auditory and literacy skills, and language development.