Wooden Rocker and Climber

  • $280.00

Good for: Balance and strength development.

A multipurpose piece of "play furniture" for indoor and outside use and all ages. Smaller babies and toddlers can scramble on it and be rocked to sleep, while bigger kids rock standing up. One minute it's a boat, then a bridge, a fort roof, and whatever you want it to be! Colourful rainbow planks are a visual delight for kids, while the rocking element is a fun way to build balancing skills and for stimulating under-responsive children and calming over-responsive or sensory seeking children.

These fabulous balancing boards are designed to help develop motor skills, agility, and in a safe way to unleash kids' boundless energy, creative thinking, and imagination. You can use it as a swing, seat, climbing frame, or slide.

Designed by Wood and Hearts, they use only natural and eco-friendly materials. It is absolutely safe for children. Please keep these safety tips in mind when using the board: 
1) Suitable for children aged 1 year and above. Small children who are in danger of falling should use the rocking toy only under parental control
2) The maximum carrying capacity is 100 kg (220 lb)
3) The balancing board is designed for indoor use only on the even floor
4) Do not leave the Balancing board near an open fire or any other source of radiant heat
5) Remove the Balancing board from use immediately after it has been damaged

Size of product:

Height: 43 cm / 16,9 inches
Width: 95 cm /37,4 inches
Seat : 13 cm / 5,1 inches
Length steps: 59 cm / 23,2 inches

For lots more colour options please get in touch with us directly, we'll be happy to help.