12-18 months

Your wriggly baby is fast becoming a walking toddler and starting to outgrow a lot of toys! The best word to describe your 12 - 18 month old is probably active -whether it’s physically or mentally curious. They are steadier on their feet, more coordinated with their hands and they are ready to take on the world… while you chase them down. Toddlers learn a lot about their world by shaking and banging things and putting them together in piles or towers then knocking them apart. By 18 months, they will also gain more control of the movements needed for those skills that will enable them to start picking up very small objects, such as small stones or parts of toys. So just keep an eye out for that! 

At 12 months, your toddler will have well developed emotional attachments to people and start to show them affection. Between 12 and 18 months, your toddler will also begin to: hug you, point to body parts or favourite things when you name them as well as follow simple instructions. If you ask them to give you something and hold out your hand, they will most likely do it

At this age range, your tot will love to feed their budding imagination with more complex toys. Check our range of toys to entertain. And continue developing your busy bee.